Birkir A. Barkarson

Mobile Phone: +81 (0)90 8102 1335
Email: birkirb { at }

Employment History

Head of Development & Technology, Senior Software Engineer
Cerego Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
01 2008-

After a couple of months of contract work, joined Cerego full-time to work on "iKnow", the company's language learning website. Main responsibilities included back-end programming in Ruby on Rails, overseeing code architecture, re-factoring and re-structuring large parts of infrastructure code. Extensive Performance tuning and MySQL optimizations. Lead Git adoption and multiple Rails and Ruby version migrations.

Later promoted to head of the Development Team. Responsible for the day to day operations of the engineering team, hiring and training of new and junior developers, optimization of workflows, processes and co-ordination with the product, testing and support teams.

System Engineer
Score / Open-Works Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
05 2004-07 2007

Worked for Score, a daughter company of the Japanese Olympic Supermarket chain. Mostly handled maintenance and modifications of old legacy systems and interfaces. Work was mostly in C/C++, along with occasional Java, PHP and more.

Moved internally after one year from Score to Open-Works to participate in a Enterprise Java project for Omron. With more high-intensity projects at Open-Works the move was permanent.


ProArm (Tokyo, Japan)
12 2003-04 2004

Joined ProArm as a part of AIESEC trainee program to Japan. Main task was to program web site applications in PERL/CGI.

Software developer
Anza (Reykjavik, Iceland)
01 2001-04 2004

Worked in the Integration and Consulting section. Responsibilites included production-level programming, documentation and the evaluation of various systems.


Computer Specialist
Icelandic Japan K.K. (Tokyo, Japan)
06 2001-08 2001

Specialist work. Computer assistance and integration work.


Software developer
Iceland Telecom (Reykjavik, Iceland)
10 2000-01 2001

Member of an in-house software development department. The deparment handled most of the companies development needs. It was later made into a daughter company which later became Anza.



Technical skills

Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat, Centos, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and others), Machintos, Sun Solaris and other Unices, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2K/XP.

Server installation and maintenance experience: Apache HTTPD, MS IIS, Tomcat application server, Various FTP servers (pure-ftp, Apache FTP, MS-FTP etc), SSHD, VMWare, Subversion, MySQL DB, MS SQL, Oracle.

Various Software (administration and user skills were applicable): Drupal CMS, Gallery, Bugzilla, Mantis BugTracker, Redmine, Jenkins, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, JBuilder, Visual Studio 6/7/8, Eclipse IDE, Mono, MS Office Suite, Open Office Suite, Lotus Notes, Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, Tibco software (see section below), SAP, Git, and more....

Programming Languages: ADA, ASP, BASIC, C/C++, C# (.Net/Mono), PERL, Delphi, Java, Pascal, Scheme, Visual Basic 4~6 and .Net, Ruby, VBScript/VBA, CGI, CSS, HTML, SQL.

Tibco Software Experience: Message Broker, Integration Manger, Rendezvous, Designer, Hawk, Business Connect, Business Works.

Java Enterprise Development Software Experience: Struts Framework, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JUnit, dJUnit, DBUnit, Checkstyle, Findbugs, Apache Commons, Log4J, Ant, Maven, and more....

Ruby Libraries and Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Git, Nginx, Mongrel, Capistrano, TestUnit/MiniTest, Rubygems, Rake, Bundler, Rspec, Cucumber, Rcov/SimpleCov, and more....

Natural Languages

English (Native), Icelandic (Native), Japanese (Advanced).


Available upon request.


Computers, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), Science, Classical Literature, Science Fiction, Aikido, Squash, Cinema, Linguistics, Gourmet food and wine, Photography